Case Study: People, Tool, Process – How Audi AG communicates “Cloud Native” to employees in a targeted manner.

Platform Owner Kubernetes & Public Clouds / Head of CNCF Partnership, Audi AG.

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The traditional approach in IT is: process, tool, people. This order must be reversed so that the results are all of a piece: People, Tool, Process. This applies in particular to the topic of cloud native, which is still “uncharted territory” for many employees. The presentation explains how security awareness and development go hand in hand at Aud AG and why the “people first” idea underlies every development step.


Why did Audi AG decide to prioritize People, Tool, Process and what concrete successes resulted?

How do we convey the technology ingress in the cloud to our employees? ✦Why does development itself also improve as a result of a people-first strategy?

What is the importance of the container perspective and how does this improve security in the cloud?